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simple innovation, modern styling, unique appeal

About the car

Phoenix Kit Cars

Phoenix Kit Cars are based in Sheffield. Utilising reliable and affordable Mazda MX5 models as a base, we design cars that are simple to build, practical to own and thrilling to drive.

What makes our kits stand out

simple innovation, modern styling, unique appeal


A PhoenMx5 can be put on the road for less than £5000

Single Donor Simplicity

The PhoenMx5 uses a single MK2 or Mk2.5 MX5 as a donor and the list of additional parts required is both short and inexpensive.

Easy to build

Our design pays attention to ease of construction. Our kits are great for beginners but still provide endless customisation.


The MX5’s superb handling and balance are retained but with only two thirds of the weight. All of the tuning options for the MX5 are available, giving possible power options up to 500bhp per tonne and beyond.

Year round use

With a full windscreen, good storage capacity and a hardtop roof option, the PhoenMX5 is less of a second car and more of a first choice.

Paint Options

Available in a full range of quality solid gelcoat colours or in primer ready to paint.

more about our design

PhoenMx5 Design

PhoenMx5 Design

The PhoenMx5 has been developed from an original design by Stuart Mills (MEV Ltd).


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We are based in Sheffield.
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